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New Year 7 Parents - ParentPay Log-on Details

We have been informed by Carillion, who run our Catering, that individual letters to parents giving username and log-on details for ParentPay were posted directly to homes in the first week of term, September 2016. *If you have not yet received a letter, please can you contact Carillion colleagues Allison Moore or Michelle Konya via 01642 494641 or their emails and* Please explain you have not received the letter, and give the name of your child, and confirm your address. We would appreciate if you could send a CC of the email to


Our Catering is provided by Carillion, under the PFI contract. They are responsible for ensuring the healthy schools agenda is followed carefully, and we work closely together to ensure this. Parents can pay online in advance for school meals via ParentPay, and monitor what is being purchased for peace of mind. Students then use fingertip recognition to pay for meals or drinks, and this in turn speeds up the queues.

Since our move to half-hour rolling lunches, students report a calmer, friendlier atmosphere where all students can sit at a table with friends to eat and socialise.

Please note food cannot be taken outside, as this contributes to litter and seagull nuisance. Students are fantastic at self regulating the lack of litter on site and this is appreciated.

Student Voice also play an active part in aiming to further improve the quality of provision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find out my forgotten Password or Log In details?

Go to the Parent Pay website and click on ‘Forgotten Password’

How do I request new Log In details?

Contact Alison Moore or 01642 494641
or Michelle Konya or 01642 494641

How do I order a PayPoint card?

Contact Alison Moore or 01642 494641
or Michelle Konya or 01642 494641

Who do I contact about any account or transaction queries?

Contact Christine Powell, Kitchen Manager (based at Outwood Academy Bydales) on 01642 487520

Parents who want advice on setting up a ParentPay account can contact Carillion via 01642 487520 or speak to our Business Manager, Mrs Tracey West.

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