Welcome to History

In the history department we are enthusiastic about our subject and about the benefits that we believe it offers students. History is vital as it offers an excellent understanding of the way that the world has changed and developed in the past and so helps us to understand the world in which we live today. History is taught by a dedicated team of specialists who believe in challenging students to broaden both their knowledge and skills. We strive to create exciting, imaginative and inspiring lessons through a variety of different techniques.

Overview of the Year for History at Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 we aim to provide an overview of a number of key historical events, people and changes, each unit of work is based on a particular topic and is centred around a crucial historical skill.

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Mr Parker


Overview of the Year for History at Key Stage 4

In the history department students in year 9 and 10 follow the Edexcel History GCSE 9-1 course.

There are 3 examination papers as follows:

  • Paper 1 (30%) – Thematic Study and historic environment, Medicine 1250 – present and World War One
  • Paper 2 (40%) – Period Study and British Depth Study, The American West 1835-1895 and Elizabethan England 1558-1588
  • Paper 3 (30%) – Modern Depth Study, Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939.

Students in year 11 follow the AQA ‘A’ GCSE history course. Students complete three units on this course. There are two examination papers as follows:

  • Paper 1 (35%) – Medicine Through Time
  • Paper 2 (40%) – Germany 1919-45. Controlled assessment is based on Roman Britain and Hadrian’s Wall and counts for 25% of the final grade.

Through our planning, teaching, assessment and marking teachers of History aim to develop students’ ability to recall, select and use historical knowledge, understand historical terms and concepts, communicate information in a clear and coherent manner; both verbally and in written form, interpret and evaluate a wide range of sources, respect individuals beliefs and different cultures, make reasoned and balanced judgements, reflect on their own learning and finally to understand their role as a global citizen.


Enrichment opportunities in History

  • Monday and Thursday 2.30-3.30: intervention for GCSE History
  • Friday 2.30-3.30 ‘drop-in’ sessions for GCSE History. KS3 history enrichment – a chance to have help with your homework or develop your skills and knowledge through a range of other tasks.


Mr Andrew Parker, Head of Humanities, Teacher of History

You can contact any teacher using the format initial.surname@bydales.outwood.com