Year 11 - Revision for Summer GCSE Exams 2017


We are producing materials for revision for the 2017 season, in addition to those given out in December at the Year 11 Parent and Students Revision Evening. Please keep checking below for the latest updates.

Revision Plan Programmes Jan – May 2017 in English, Maths and Sciences

Below are the revision programmes for English, maths and sciences that were issued to students at the start of January 2017. These list, for each subject, weekly areas to focus revision on, linked to relevant pages of revision guides, workbooks and other materials already given out. *They are designed to help students break revision into manageable, ‘little but often’ chunks each week. If students stick to these, each week, they will have covered the content of their GCSEs in plenty of time before the examinations. Those that did last year, found it made a bit difference.

Y11 Generic Revision Timetable 2017 (to use or adapt)

Archive 2016 Documents and Presentations to Students & Parents